Antolin – A German Reading Program 

Reading is a fun part and an important step to learn a language. EGLS is now offering a German online reading quiz program for all reading levels and independent reading at home. Students can choose their favorite books, read at their own pace and test their reading comprehension ability online with Antolin.
The Antolin reading program includes more than 30.000 books (classics and new releases) students can choose from. A lot of our EGLS library books are included in that list. Every student who likes to participate will get his own reading account and password. Reading comprehension will be checked by multiple choice questions and can be monitored by our teachers. Antolin is also available for most mobile devices.

For more information visit This page will be in German. If you like to get some help, please don’t hesitate to ask our EGLS Team.

For reading suggestions please also contact our EGLS library volunteers.

If you like to sign up your child(ren) there will be a service fee of $10 per student and school year to cover the cost of the program and for purchasing new library books.

Please download the registration form as .pdf or .docx, print it out and return the completed form to an EGLS teacher or library volunteer.