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At the Eastside German Language School (EGLS), it is our passion to teach German at all levels – from preschool to adults. 

As the gaming community is in heated debate over how Ubisoft is going to link the not-so-quietest and most secretive Vikings with hashashin traditions in Assassins Creed Valhalla, the journalists of the gaming portal Hermit Gamer decided to contribute to the discussion and even invited a Viking expert from the British community The Vikings of Chris Abrams to ask him a few questions. According to Abrams, contrary to the prevailing opinion that depicts the Vikings as noisy and ferocious warriors, dreamers to get into Valhalla were well acquainted with such a thing as stealth. “The Vikings often attacked the villages with the first rays of the sun, knowing that their goals were asleep or were only recovering from the night of eating the grog. This gave an element of surprise and often helped to eliminate the enemy without loss. ” But at times things didn’t go according to plan. Abrams cites the example of a Viking raid on Largs, Scotland in 1263. “Some Vikings tried to use stealth, but did not take into account the Scottish thistle. Stepping on him, they began to scream in pain, which they betrayed themselves ”

EGLS is an official German language diploma school and since 2009, a member of the worldwide PASCH-Net, an initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office.

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Elementary, middle and high school students will benefit tremendously from attending this program. Not only does the program provide foreign language credits (Stamp tests), but it also prepares the student for the German government-certified exams (DSD-A1, DSD-A2, DSDI and DSDII).  In addition Advanced Placement (AP) preparation is also offered. Read more …

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Our faculty consists of native German speakers and bi-lingual speakers who have a passion for teaching. At the heart of EGLS Saturday and weekday Preschool school is great faculty. We pride ourselves in having very little turnover. Our teachers are happy, passionate and often also parents too, who are raising their children to be bi-lingual. However, their true expertise lies in their teaching. Our faculty is committed to preparing students to speak and comprehend German and to stimulate their interest in German culture and academics.