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The EGLS Board is working on to create the safest and best learning environment for the 2020/21 school year for all of our students, teachers and families during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are actively monitoring and following local health authority guidance and school district plans. Several school districts (e.g. Bellevue and Seattle public schools) just announced that they are planning for online instructions in the fall. Additionally, we are awaiting  FUMC’s policies and plans for safe reopening – the church is still closed to the public. We cannot provide in-person instructions until it is safe to do so and have access to our classrooms.

We decided in the last board meeting that we will start the 2020/2021 school year with online instructions for all students basing online instructions on our summer class model while aiming to further improve online experience towards a more interactive and engaging class room. It is key that our students continue to learn and continue to enjoy learning German and learning about German culture. For now, we assume that we can only offer online instructions throughout the 1st semester. We will change from online to in-person instructions as soon it is safe and possible to do so. We are also exploring the possibility of a safe contact library model for the upcoming school year to keep students reading at home.

Since online costs differ from in-person instructions – rent being a big factor for in-person instructions – we are working on adjusting our tuition fees for online learning. We will update you on adjusted tuition costs as soon as possible. Any family that has already registered and paid for 2020/2021 will receive a refund for any overpayment. For now, we have moved the deadline for the $100 registration fee cost from 7/30/20 to 8/31/20. This should allow you to better plan for the fall and beyond.

That said, it is critical for us to understand how many returning students we will have this fall so we can figure out costs, class sizes and durations. To that end, at minimum please do fill out registration forms or indicate intent to register via email to As stated above any overpayment will be reimbursed depending on online vs. in-person tuition costs.

If you have feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email to

We believe that we can overcome these trying times together and continue providing solid German language and culture learnings.

Thank you!

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For questions please contact us by email at

We are looking forward to share our German traditions with you!