Eastside German Language School

Gesina Howard

Gesina Howard

I grew up near Stuttgart, Germany and as a young adult moved to Frankfurt/Main.

I studied and graduated with my degree in International Commerce, receiving my certificate as an “Außenhandelsfachwirt”. While in Frankfurt I worked for an Airline in the Cargo division at the Frankfurt Airport and continued in the same industry later at Sea-Tac Airport.

I met my husband, who grew up in the Seattle area, in Germany and moved here with him in 2008. Our children were born in Seattle and we are raising them bilingually. It’s amazing to see how comfortable they are in both languages and with both cultures. While visiting family in Germany this summer they realized that they can make new friends easily because there is no language barrier.
When my children started elementary school – where I regularly volunteer in the classroom – I realized how much fun it is working with children who have so much curiosity, creativity and are full of ideas.

I am in my 3rd year with EGLS and I enjoy seeing the children improve their German language skills and making friends. I love sharing my German culture and my goal is to make the class fun and interesting.